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A note from our CEO

We are all facing this together as one and this should be a team effort.

The circumstances faced by the hospitality, restaurants, events industry and real estate have been unequalled.

We are trying our best to make sure that our team and space hosts are playing their supportive role in such unavoidable circumstances due to COVID-19.

We welcome everyone at stallhunt to consult us with whatever they need help with, and we will be happy to assist, guide, and share our experience and how we can assist with it.

We are eager and ready to help the companies and space owners in search of new locations outside their offices to help them find suitable spaces that meet their required standards and needs.

We will be more than happy to share our resources to assist you with your needs and make sure that we work together towards creating opportunities, transform ourselves according to the prevailing circumstances and come out of these difficult times.

Stay blessed, well, and optimistic.

We are here to assist you with your problems and do not hesitate to reach us out through ahmed@stallhunt.com

Ahmed AL-Hassoni, CEO at stallhunt

Support for all stallhunt Users


Safe and Approved

We’ve pulled together a checklist of the latest guidance on being ready to host events where space organizers feel safe. All space owners have additional options for space rules and amenities.

We are a call away

Do get in-touch with us at any time to support you with anything related to your space and how we can improve your experience with offering the best measures during this difficult time.