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About space rental

Any idle space

We’re helping brands, agencies and landlords around the world to connect and to launch pop-up stores and events in trusted and verified spaces around the United Arab Emirates – from the perfect retail location to the impressive store fitting.

Space rental – We built this platform to open up the world, help ideas become reality more simply, quickly, and safely.

We are the one-stop-solution for companies, brands and agencies to find, book and manage stores, malls and venues for flexible commercial leases – completely online.

Put your idea to work

Space is the ultimate value. Match your idea with the space you need. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, artist, company, agent, restaurant, and alike. We can help you find these spaces to start generating revenue and build brand awareness.

From cloud kitchens, storages, venues, pop up stalls, the home of your idea is here; easy to find, easy to book, and effortless to occupy. More utilized space means more ideas. More possibilities. Less waste. That’s why we built stallhunt.

Hosting is easy

Space rental – You could earn 1000s a week from your idle space. stallhunt helps you find the occupier
and even offers marketing for your space so you’re covered. Its FREE!